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Before You Purchase – Important Things To Know

Thinking of getting some colored lenses? Our lenses cannot wait to meet you too. Make sure you get the following taken care of before you hit that checkout button.


1. Get an eye examination. We recommend that you get an eye examination from an eye care specialist. If you are not sure if you want an eye exam, the answer is always yes! This will ensure your eyes are healthy and are in good condition for contact lens use.
2. Get a contact lens prescription if your country’s law mandates prescription for contact lens. Contact lenses are regulated very differently in different countries. Some countries require a prescription prior to purchase, while some do not. As we have customers from all over the world, we have made our website such that you do not need to present us with a prescription to buy contact lenses. For countries that require a prescription, there is a small chance that the customs authority in your country will ask you for your prescription. So, if your country mandates a prescription for contact lens, make sure that before you purchase, you have a valid and up-to-date prescription to present to relevant authorities if needed.
We have put together a table below that shows which country requires a prescription. This information is correct when this guideline is written on 01/07/2020, but may not be updated at the time of your purchase. If you have any doubts, we recommend checking with your country’s health authorities.


Prescription Requirement
Non-prescription LensesPrescription Lenses
AustriaNo prescription needed
BelgiumNo prescription needed
Czech RepublicNo prescription needed
DenmarkNo prescription needed
FinlandNo prescription needed
FranceNo prescription needed
GermanyNo prescription needed
ItalyNo prescription needed
IrelandNo prescription needed
KuwaitNo prescription neededNo prescription needed
LuxembourgNo prescription needed
NetherlandsNo prescription needed
PolandNo prescription needed
PortugalNo prescription needed
SpainNo prescription needed
SwedenNo prescription needed
SwitzerlandNo prescription needed
UAENo prescription neededNo prescription needed
For countries that are not shown on the table, please check with your country’s health authority.